Smartphone Usage: Boys Vs Girls

This post shows how smartphones are used by boys and girls.

1. Android Vs iPhone

According to a recent smartphone survey, 33% of Samsung users are guys while 45% of Apple users are girls. :)

2. Mobile Cases

No matter how costly the mobile is, guys are satisfied with plain silicon cases. On the other hand, girls like to have grand, colorful decorative cases, and tend to prefer cases with cartoon characters such as Spongebob, the Minions & so on. :)

3. Home Screen

Girls maintain their home screen clean and clear, and you usually won't see any unwanted icons there except the 'Phone' & 'Apps' icons. But, guys won't bother about the look of their home screen (to be frank, guys are lazy to remove the automatically created shortcut icons) :)

4. Games

5. Battery Life

6. WhatsApp Group Names

If you can think of other points to add to this list, add your comments below.