Privacy Policy

AppRemo notices and understands the interests our site visitors in terms of policy. We at AppRemo strive to protect the information collected from those who visit our site. We do not have any such terms where you have to submit your personal details like your name, address, or email address when you visit the site. In attempt to optimize web pages of the site on your mobile or your computer, you sometimes might have to share non-personal information like the domain name of your Internet service provider, your Internet browser’s identity, and the type of operating system you use. This information may also be used by AppRemo to detect the number of visitors to the site. However, this information will be collected only with your knowledge and with your permission.

In cases as such, the following terms will apply:

All the information collected from the visitor voluntarily on the site is retained by the AppRemo and not sold or transferred to companies, unless stated to the visitor at the time of collection.

Use of Cookies:

AppRemo doesn’t make use of cookies to collect your personal information.


AppRemo will keep you informed when collecting personal identifiable information, and the use of the information when collected. This information is only used to assemble and none of the information is reported or used.

Explanation of Policy:

If you are using this site, it infers that you accept to the Policies of the site. If you DO NOT accept to them, please refrain from using the site. AppRemo reserves the right to add or remove parts of the Policy as per its discretion. Hence it has to be checked every time you use the site.